"an explosive thought provoking masterpiece… 5/5” 
Sam Holt
Flick of the Finger
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"Saul has produced a fantastic work in 'The Great War'. It has all the edge and grittiness that is needed for this subject matter, but the lyrics themselves might be even more haunting... 9/10..." 
The Prog Mind
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"a collection of well written, arranged and performed songs that stands firmly on its own two muddy, bloody feet..." 
Phil Lively
The Progressive Aspect
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"Daybreak has been one big surprise from the day it arrived. Excellent songwriting showing a depth of knowledge well beyond his nineteen years and an ear for an addictive tune combine to deliver an album that pleases on many levels." 
Martin Hutchinson
Lady Obscure Music Magazine
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"This is the first great album of 2015 and an astonishing debut of vision and maturity." 
James Turner
Rock Society Magazine
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"This is a refreshing and well put together batch of songs with a modern sound and at its best there are some real gems here... as a whole it is a very listenable work that bears repeated visits." 

Jez Rowden
The Progressive Aspect
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"Overall, this is a promising debut from a young artist who is without doubt going to develop, as he refines his own unique style. I look forward to hearing his next release."

Owen Davies
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"There is an English word for beautiful music 'ear candy'. This CD is like a big candy bag filled with lots of goodies... This debut album I cannot get enough."

Esther Kessel-Tamerus
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