Saul Blease is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Bristol, currently based in Cheltenham, creating new music that fuses together elements of alternative, heavy and progressive rock, with splashes of industrial and electronica. His album Daybreak, released when he was just 18, was described by Prog Britannia as a "fantastic debut".

After a brief stint learning the recorder he concentrated on the keyboard from age six picking up the guitar along the way.

An offer of free singing lessons led to an audition at Bristol Cathedral where he eventually rose to the rank of Head Chorister before retiring due to “old age” having toured with the choir in France and Germany and recorded a CD of choral music.

His stint as a chorister led to the opportunity to sing with the legendary prog band Twelfth Night at The Peel in 2008, repeating the experience in 2010 at the band’s “homecoming gig” in Reading. A video of Saul singing We Are Sane with Andy Sears and the band was released by Twelfth Night on the bonus DVD that accompanied their biography Play On.

After playing an acoustic set of original material supporting Unto Us and Colourflow at the Frog & Fiddle in Cheltenham in July 2014, he was asked to play two acoustic sets at the 10th Summer's End Progressive Rock Festival in Chepstow. A review of the latter stated, "he has a fine voice and accompanied himself on keyboard through songs that have a very individual character."

He released his first solo album, Daybreak in December 2014 to critical acclaim, Lady Obscure magazine describing it as "an album that pleases on many levels".

Alongside his solo rock music, he also records electronic music under the name Northwoods, recently having been commissioned to write and record the music for a gaming company's project, which he released as War Songs, again to positive review.

He studied Popular Music at the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham obtaining an honours degree, releasing a four track EP was studying called Black Hole, in 2017, which was described by Rock Society magazine as "astonishing".

Saul is now devoting his energies to developing a career in music though both his band Blacklist and solo projects...