Blacklist produce music combining propulsive rhythms and catchy hooks with imaginative and emotive lyrics that immediately strike a chord with listeners. 

The band emerged out of the desire of vocalist/bass player Saul Blease to have a vehicle to bring the critically acclaimed music he was creating as a solo artist, to a wider audience in the live arena following the release of his Black Hole EP in 2017, which was described by Rock Society magazine as “astonishing”. 
Having graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a degree in Popular Music, Saul recruited long time friend Elliott Tottle, himself studying music at BIMM Bristol as well as being guitarist in pop punk band Everything Else. Elliott introduced Saul to drummer Ollie Searle who was at BIMM with him.
After an intense period of rehearsal Blacklist have hit the stage and entered the recording studio to lay down their first single, The Replacer, which will be released very soon.